House of Kibaa (HOK) — Breakdown & Thoughts

House of Kibaa Logo (Source: HOK Website)

The Oasis from the movie Ready Player One is a vision most people look forward to as the future of NFTs. It is a VR simulated world bound by nothing but imagination — a place where you do anything, go anywhere and be anyone. While we have not reached anything close to that experience, House of Kibaa brings us one step closer. They create NFTs that are optimized for Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). HOK NFTs, created by an array of industry experts and equipped with broad functionality, allow you to uniquely express yourself throughout the metaverses, just like in the Oasis.

Membership NFT

Until June 5th at 11:59 PM Pacific, the only HOK NFT that can be purchased is their Membership NFT. It costs $500 and comes with:

  • Free XR NFTs for life
  • Access to a private VIP Discord channel
  • Waived fees for HOK services
  • News and previous for upcoming drops
  • Ability to communicate with the team
  • Buying, selling, and trading functions on Discord
  • Event and gift invites
  • Passive income through HOK NFT staking
  • Future gamification

A recent addition is 3D Apes for Bored Ape Yacht Club holders.

Membership NFT (HOK OpenSea)

The NFTs

So far, HOK’s focus is on five types of NFTs:

  • Skins — Custom, exclusive NFTs your avatar can rock in the metaverses.
  • Environments — A place where you can showcase your NFTs. It comes with a shareable link.
  • Fashion—Collaborations with fashion houses that allow you to wear the brands you recognize.
  • Vehicles — Travel around the metaverse in style.
  • Mounts — Interactive creature mounts.
Skin (Source: HOK Medium)

Why I like House of Kibaa

The affordable entry point of $500 for a lifetime of NFT drops is already a compelling offer, but there other reasons too which give me high conviction in HOK.

  • The Team — Consists of industry veterans coming from Sony Animation, Netflix, and more. They are also active in Discord and respond to community concerns promptly.
  • Accessible — If NBA Top Shot has taught us anything, it is that abstracting the behind-the-scenes blockchain work can increase the userbase by multiples. HOK uses Arkane Network which allows for social logins. For payments, both Paypal and Coinbase are accepted.
  • Culturally Relevant — HOK is consistently trying to provide utility to existing NFT communities. Adding on to the BYAC hype is one example.
  • Flexible Metaverse Applications — By Q1 of 2022, HOK aims to achieve NFT integration across various metaverses.
  • Intellectual Property — By acting as a custom design studio for NFT solutions, HOK can attract known brands and public figures.
  • Evolving Utilities — As technology evolves, so will HOK NFTs. One example they’ve given is using AI for mounts to mimic a real pet experience.
  • Blockchain Interoperability — Partnered with Syscoin/Blockchain Foundry which boasts eight years in industry experience. Syscoin solves scalability, fees, and compliance issues.
  • Long Term Plans — Released a four-year development roadmap with clear goals of onboarding and NFT/metaverse integration.
Development Roadmap (Source: HOK Website)


As of now, not much has been revealed about HOK due to it being in early-stage development and signing NDAs with partners. But if they can successfully execute on what they plan to deliver — which we can have some faith in through proof of concepts on their Website, Medium, Discord, and Twitter — then HOK is a company whose NFTs I can see penetrate the metaverse broadly.

It has the team, the art, the technology, the utilities, and the community, which together make for a project with high potential.

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